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Was it denial laced with acceptance? I want to live the way you did, preparing for next year's famine with wine and music as if it were a ten-course banquet. But listen: those are hoofbeats on the frosty autumn air. I Married You I married you for all the wrong reasons, charmed by your dangerous family history, by the innocent muscles, bulging like hidden weapons under your shirt, by your naive ties, the colors of painted scraps of sunset. I was charmed too by your assumptions about me: my serenity— that mirror waiting to be cracked, my flashy acrobatics with knives in the kitchen.

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How wrong we both were about each other, and how happy we have been. Linda Pastan Vertical Perhaps the purpose of leaves is to conceal the verticality of trees which we notice in December as if for the first time: row after row of dark forms yearning upwards. And since we will be horizontal ourselves for so long, let us now honor the gods of the vertical: stalks of wheat which to the ant must seem as high as these trees do to us, silos and telephone poles, stalagmites and skyscrapers.

Traveling Light I'm only leaving you for a handful of days, but it feels as though I'll be gone forever— the way the door closes behind me with such solidity, the way my suitcase carries everything I'd need for an eternity of traveling light. I've left my hotel number on your desk, instructions about the dog and heating dinner. But like the weather front they warn is on its way with its switchblades of wind and ice, our lives have minds of their own. Academy of American Poets Educator Newsletter.

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Why Are Cossacks Making A Comeback in Russia?

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Hardware Hardware. Community Hub. This deep RTS gameplay will return old fans in the golden ages of the genre and give newcomers a unique experience. Recent Reviews:. All Reviews:. GSC Game World.

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See All. About This Game Return of the legendary Cossacks! The sequel of the award winning strategy series. Leaning on the history of the 17th and 18th century, the real time strategy game awakens colossal mass battles with up to 32, soldiers simultaneously on the battlefield. This remake of the classic game, that originally launched in , contains all of the elements that distinguish the successful Cossacks games and combines them with contemporary 3D-graphics. Cossacks 3 provides the player with infinite tactical options, including not only the construction of buildings, the production of raw materials, but also the broad selection of various units and the influence of the landscape.

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  • Besides the battles ashore, players can build an armada and attack their enemies at sea. Cossacks 3 offers five historic single player-campaigns and up to eight players can fight each other in multiplayer-mode on one map.

    The Cossacks and Religion in Early Modern Ukraine

    The player can forge alliances with or against others as well as challenge the computer. Game features: Grandiose battles of up to 32, soldiers on the battlefield 20 playable nations research opportunities different historic buildings Battles ashore and at sea Five singleplayer historical campaigns Infinite variations of battles on randomly generated maps As a free DLC all the players will receive 8 additional playable nations with the unique music main themes.

    Information about Digital Deluxe Edition no longer available for purchase : Digital Deluxe - is a game edition, that contained both base game and 4 previously announced DLC, which are getting consequent releases during 1 year after Cossacks 3 release, along with few great bonuses. Jacob with us, Spain! Digital Deluxe Edition is no longer available for purchases. System Requirements Windows.

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