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Air combat involves mainly futuristic energy weapondry with a balistic-feel.

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The game's graphics are advanced for it's time, featuring a detailed and fully three-dimensional city environment over which combats are held. In contrast to the generally realistic cityscape and 3d vehicle models were the characteristic explosion and smoke effects, consiting of bubble-like 2d sprites which, in spite of their realistic particle-like behaviour, were simply to big too be in any way convincing as actual explosions, giving the game a strong arcade feel.

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Defend the Alamo. Rate it. The game has a multi-tracker board that provides the players with an intuitive reminder to keep track of the flow of the game. The board also is helpful when players break into separate groups, as the game "adapts" to that situation. Within a team, players act in a non-scripted order, creating a dynamic that breaks the classic player-order limitations and reduces downtime.

For the end game the Multi-Tracker is turned to its red side and the nature of the Team-Tracker changes.

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Throughout the game, making good use of your action points is critical. But in the end game, time is working against you, so you need to work with an increased sense of urgency!!! The security panel is set with the code needed to break into Dr. Mortimer's lab. This code is randomly generated every game. In Dr. Mortimer's home, zombies roam the halls and fires that can randomly break out and spread are a real and dangerous threat. At the end of the game you must face one of the nemesis characters, also known as "big bosses".

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Backing a new game here on Kickstarter means you believe in the game, and you should be rewarded for your faith in the game! You and your fellow Kickstarter backers will be the very first people to own the game! Metro is a reprint after 4 years and was nominated for German game of the year in Early delivery promise applies only to addresses within the United States, backers from other countries may get their rewards later.

On the survey for this project we will have the question. Essen pick up? O yes O no. While every effort will be made to ship when promised, estimated delivery dates are estimates and are subject to change, unknown external factors may cause delays. All additional costs that may occur because of customs duty or local charges are the backers responsibility. We do not mark merchandise values below value or mark items as "gifts" - US and International government regulations prohibit such behavior. Our toughest challenge with this project were the miniatures.

We have excellent sculpts and will produce high-quality miniatures.

The production will still be with our partners in Europe. We will try to ship all stretch goals with the main game and not in separate shipments. For those who order Crysis, that game will most likely ship separately.

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At this level you will receive Dark Darker Darkest. This level does not include all Stretch Goals. Stretch Goals with component upgrades such as tiles and dice will be included when these Stretch Goals are reached.

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Any miniatures reached as Stretch Goals will not be included in this pledge level. Includes shipping to the United States and Germany. All other countries check the "International Shipping" section of the project description to determine your shipping fee.

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  6. In addition to the standard game you will receive 8 exclusive Tuff Guy zombie miniatures, 2 additional exclusive rooms and an additional character Bunny miniature and card non exclusive. You will also receive any Stretch Goals we reach. We do reserve the right to offer the room tiles and zombie miniatures Tuff Guy at special gaming events. Crysis will be shipped separately. This level includes everything the Premium level has x3 and all Stretch Goals reached.

    Check the "Shipping" section of the project description to determine your shipping fee.