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Danger and deadliness are not interchangeable. Blanc kills more people. And there's no need to quibble by pointing out that K2 and Annapurna have higher death rates — the AJ article already provided that means of assessment. Accordingly, Annapurna was included on the list. On Kilauea you bemoan: "…it is indeed a potentially deadly mountain, but that seems to be an altogether different category than those peaks that are being examined for their challenge to climbers".

1. 1906 Valparaiso earthquake in Chile

That's probably why they measured it's deadliness, in occurrence of death, instead of measuring it's technical challenges and dangerousness. Get past that and you'll find AJ's article less objectionable. Not convinced by the list — it seems a bit silly really! You could say a mountain in a war zone is the most deadly — or potentially most deadly! Like this: Like Loading We all blow out candles before we leave the house, and we never leave the oven on. But these things are seemingly far less dangerous.

The following list provides a guide to common household items that can surprisingly kill you. Bleach , which is intended to clean even the most severe messes, can be very dangerous. Consuming bleach or even inhaling it can be fatal. However, when mixed with other cleaners like ammonia and acids, deadly effects can also result.

The primary ingredient in bleach is sodium hypochlorite. When mixed with ammonia, this substance releases toxic gases called chloramines. When mixed with acids, bleach gives off chlorine gas, which can harm the mucous membranes even after minimal exposure. It can even be absorbed through the skin! While the dangerous possibilities of mixing bleach may come as a surprise, people are no stranger to the power of bleach alone.

In fact, one Chicago woman was charged with first-degree murder in early after she forced her boyfriend to ingest bleach. You may have never noticed the poison warning that the FDA requires on every tube of toothpaste.

The Behind-The-Scenes Crew Were In A Drug Trafficking Ring

This is largely because a staggering 95 percent of toothpaste in the United States contains fluoride. While the severity of effects ranges in tandem with the amount consumed, the FDA urges you to contact a poison control center if you consume even just a bit more than used for brushing. Shockingly, most toothpastes suggest using only a pea-size amount.

However, advertisements depict much larger portions, which can be dangerous.

This can be especially harmful to children, who may not accurately gauge the amount of toothpaste needed or even overindulge because of artificial flavoring. The FDA originally required the aforementioned poison warning because overconsumption of fluoride toothpaste in children can result in acute fluoride poisoning and even death. Another major risk factor of toothpaste is dental fluorosis, which is a side effect that attacks tooth enamel and can result in severe reactions.

Fireplaces, the same cozy features adorning the walls of homes across the world, not only provide heat and comfort but can also produce toxic gases. Carbon monoxide is the problem here. You are at particular risk if your fireplace is not well-ventilated or you are sleeping while the fireplace burns. This gas cannot be seen, smelled, or felt, so carbon monoxide poisoning plagues many homes each year and often results in fatalities.

Exposure to carbon monoxide can result in headaches, dizziness , and loss of consciousness. Prolonged exposure can result in brain damage and death by slowly depriving the body of necessary oxygen. To maintain safety and continue using the fireplace that makes your house feel like home, it is highly recommended that you install a carbon monoxide detector [3] in every major area of your home with special focus on sleeping areas.

For multilevel homes, at least one detector should be placed on each floor to ensure maximum safety. Composed of either naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene chemicals as harmful as their words are long , mothballs pose a serious threat to household safety. Used for years to prevent the presence of moths, they are a serious risk at home, primarily toward young children.

Only this time, the attack came in the form of a poorly translated meme-like image that has the Internet shook.

The 11 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations in the World

The graphic, which he tweeted out, depicts Trump standing in front of a border wall, and a frown on his face. The usual anti-immigration rhetoric, however, provided some comedy on this occasion. I mean, does the President of the United States really rely on Google Translate to share a message in a different language? But a first-grade teacher could tell you, that using a robot to translate a human language, will definitely result in an unreliable source. The auto-translate feature never fails…to fail. So should we even be surprised that not one person in the Trump administration could help to properly translate his insults?

As approaches we can unfortunately expect more of these kind of messages as he prompts his followers into a white panic, relying on the ignorance of his fans. Clearly, the president will be doubling down on the hate that helped him get elected in the first place. Meanwhile, in New Mexico, the president tried his best to appeal to Latinx voters during his rally.

10 Deadly Household Items You've Probably Used Today - Listverse

And it got weird. Trump remarks on how white Steve Cortes looks for being Hispanic, then bizarrely asks him, "Who do like more — the country or the Hispanics? He says the country … I may have to go for the Hispanics to be honest … we love our Hispanics.

Bad grammar knows no borders. The video is a very disturbing moment in the growing racial tensions in the U. Videos like this have become an ever-increasing presence in social media. Heather Lynn Patton is just the latest example of this racial tension in the country. Several celebrities who have worked on projects with the racist woman have denounced her and her actions. While Patton tried to blame her racist outburst on being intoxicated, people are not letting her get away with it.

Twitter users have spent the last couple of days letting their opinions be known about how being drunk is not an acceptable excuse. She basically admitted to drinking and driving after telling a store full of people that she would kill Black people if the law allowed.