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Hollywood analysts say they aren't surprised at how the Walk lacks minorities, though its sponsor and operator, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, says it has been working hard to improve diversity in an attraction that stretches for blocks throughout Hollywood. Minorities on the Walk of Fame.

Hollywood's overall shortcomings in including more minorities -- and representing them as more than stereotypes -- are a longstanding problem that has been roundly decried by minority advocacy groups and many performers. Still, the chamber says its committee that selects star honorees balances numerous factors in its annual process, including race, gender, nationality, genre of performance and industry type. The 2, stars on the Walk line both sides of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street -- the heart of Hollywood -- and the chamber's annual 24 or so induction ceremonies are broadcast around the world.

More Videos Shakira on the Hollywood Walk of Fame The committee does try to ensure that minorities are represented in the selections, but there is no set mandatory ratio. A CNN analysis bears out Gubler's assertions and shows an upward trend of minority representation on the Walk over recent decades. Latinos grew from 1.

Charlton Heston

African-Americans showed similar growth: 1. Asians posted marginal increases: 0. On one level, the Walk is a marketing tool. The fee is for the lifetime maintenance of the star, its production, a replica plaque and ceremony costs, officials said. That's why studios and networks look for it," Hollywood publicist Michael Levine said. Still, the selection process is a serious-minded affair, according to the Walk's gatekeepers.

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A star is awarded after a lengthy process in which hundreds of nomination applications are sent to the Hollywood chamber, and then its Walk of Fame committee selects the winners, with the approval of the chamber's board of directors. Sometimes, several annual nominations must be made before a nominee finally receives a star, chamber officials said.

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The chamber has other criteria for who gets a star: professional achievement, longevity of five years or more, contributions to the community and the guarantee that the celebrity will attend the dedication ceremony. An honoree also has to agree to be nominated, which may be a factor in why not all major celebrities have a star.

Sometimes, a performer doesn't want one, such as Julia Roberts.

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By the end of -- with a few more minority celebrities scheduled to be honored this year -- the Walk of Fame will have 77 stars overall given to Latinos, stars to African-Americans or African-American ensembles three of those performers -- Nat "King" Cole, Lena Horne and Sarah Vaughn -- have a second star, but they are counted only once , and only 10 stars to Asians, according to the chamber.

When asked about the dearth of Asian artists on the Walk of Fame, Gubler stated: "There have been relatively few nominations for Asian entertainers. Someone has to be nominated by a sponsor in order to be considered with a star. The issue must be pursued by a nominator. The committee can only consider from the pool of candidates that have been nominated.

Hollywood Left And Right: How Movie Stars Shaped American Politics

A recent decade-by-decade analysis of the stars on the Walk of Fame shows that the s were a boom decade for African-Americans, when 49 stars were awarded to them. During the s, they secured 24 stars. From to the end of , the number will be Latinos, however, have prospered from to the end of Nineteen stars were awarded, including four this year alone, according to a CNN analysis.

That compares with 18 during the s and 11 during the s. It was the recent success of Latinos that caught the attention of several Hollywood analysts.

What the Hollywood Right Gets Right

Heston was a Hollywood leader against segregation, but tours meeting the troops in Vietnam gave him a new focus. The rough chronological approach also gives a broader picture of political history and technology together. Louis B.

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Mayer is credited with one of the earliest successful combinations of the two, as his MGM ayer studio put together false newsreels that discredited progressive gubernatorial candidate Upton Sinclair in Ross treats his subjects with sympathy and honesty, not letting them get away with mistakes, but finding room to understand those mistakes as well. Controversial figures like Reagan and Fonda are presented as humans instead of the demons the other side occasionally portrays.

A politically charged book like this could easily slip into polemics on one side or toothless neutrality on the other, but Ross navigates by letting the facts speak for themselves, like the conservatives he cites winning electoral or political glory, while the liberals become famous for scandal as much as activism.

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