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But today we have a new generation of fundamentalists … climate creationists, foreign policy creationists, deficit creationists … for whom arithmetic and history are simply the tools of the devil. They invoke the founders but sound more like their contemporaries in England who argued that the reason that British hikers were finding fish fossils in the mountains of England had nothing to do with where seas once might have been millions of years before and instead was a consequence of God putting the fossils there to trick people into doubting the literal word of the Bible.

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In just the past couple of weeks since the election we have seen half a dozen examples of this next generation know-nothingism, this translation of a dumbed-down zeitgeist into a new movement that might be called Snookiism. They see it more as an emotional spasm, the Perot Party Version , and that it will pass. But the newly elected representatives on Capitol Hill who were elected with some Tea Party affiliation are now starting to coalesce into a driving force.

If they can effectively form and maintain the discipline of a caucus then they have a chance at further institutionalizing and preserving their movement. In some respects this might be seen as democracy at work. The problem is we are taking an affliction of democracy — ignorance — and turning it into a political movement. This may be disturbing to all those who have a passing interest in the facts, but it creates a special burden for those who must oppose the movement, because those on the other side are actually immune to rational argument, by definition allergic to it. It now falls to the mainstream Republican leadership, especially to presumptive Speaker John Boehner, to control this group and limit its worst traits.

The Age of Ignorance

And all spirited Americans who can read and write ought to be pulling for him. Because if he fails, America will face the threat of the spread of a strain of reckless demagoguery unprecedented in our history, a Snookidemic that threatens to effectively lobotomize the body politic. Trending Now Sponsored Links by Taboola. Sign up for free access to 1 article per month and weekly email updates from expert policy analysts.

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Create a Foreign Policy account to access 1 article per month and free newsletters developed by policy experts. Thank you for being an FP Basic subscriber. To get access to this special FP Premium benefit, upgrade your subscription by clicking the button below. Thank you for being an FP reader. To get access to this special FP Premium benefit, subscribe by clicking the button below. On the foreign policy front we have Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona blocking prompt consideration of the new START deal with Russia — despite the fact that without it we have no way of regaining on-the-ground inspection of Russian nuclear facilities, despite the fact that if it fails it will strengthen anti-American elements in the Russian government, despite the fact that there is broad bi-partisan support among the leadership of the policy community for the deal-because the Sarah Palin wing of his party sees foot dragging as a way to win political points and a few concessions on nuclear modernization here in the U.

Palin has counseled against "hasty consideration" of the treaty. Sarah Palin is offering foreign policy advice?

And people are taking it? No credentials? No credibility? The battle for the House Energy and Commerce chairmanship has illustrated well how truly demented this debate has become. In order to promote his own candidacy to be chairman, Texas Representative Joe Barton has circulated a Rush Limbaugh authored commentary on the front runner for the position, Rep.

Fred Upton, in which an attempt is made to discredit Upton due to the fact that he actually appears to believe in at least some of the science surrounding climate change. This actually leads to cognitive bias: You believe something because your only education was biased. This is rampant with vendors — most of which would call the practice marketing. I know because I have more than one autographed copy of many books of this caliber.

It is this bias that has to be removed when evaluating security products and practices. Think of executives who shoot straight to some report for advice.

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How many actually know the testing criteria for the report they read? Where was the critical thinking? We are always searching for something easier for us as professionals to work with.

What we have really lost is our sense of curiosity. Where are our tinkerers, our hackers, our inquisitive minds wanting to know more? To intentionally keep oneself unaware of the facts is bad practice. It is normally associated with bad faith and leads to using unfounded knowledge when making poor decisions.

Those who are ignorant due to a lack of knowledge but are willing to learn, process data into information and use cognitive reasoning are not ignorant.

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Sadly, the adverse is also true. Stopping this process is much easier said than done.

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As network defenders, for example, how much information do you share with your like-minded business structures, such as financial institutions sharing attack vector information? In its basic form, this is education and training that helps defeat ignorance.

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Not taking part in these information sharing practices is being willfully ignorant. What separates those of us with higher ignorance from those who are willfully ignorant? It starts with wanting to know the truth and being trained to understand the truth, just as you were trained not to be scared of the dark when you were younger. As a security professional, I am paid to know and understand. I have the mental capacity to learn and make informed decisions. Information on everything is out there — find it.