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Church is struggling in the aftermath of the clergy sex-abuse scandals to regain its credibility and solid financial footing. Joan would understand such tensions, but despite the flawed bishops and theologians she encountered, she never wavered in her faith in the Church of Jesus Christ.

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She is a dutiful daughter of the Church Militant, a term she had to have explained to her at her trial. She never gave up on the Church, even as she experienced its persecution.

Her father, Jacques, was a farmer, fairly well-to-do for a peasant. Joan was only 12 when she experienced the first of her visions, which she described as a voice or voices accompanied by blazing light. Later, she came to identify the voices as those of Saints Michael the Archangel, Catherine and Margaret. This gained her the support of Robert de Baudricourt, the French commander at Vaucouleurs, who sent her on to the dauphin, as she requested.

That dissolute young man was at the palace at Chinon, along the Loire River. According to legend, he disguised himself to test if Joan could recognize him, which she did.

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Today this scene is staged with life-sized mannequins at Chinon. Copies of the banners carried by her forces are still in the cathedral there. Then she followed this with a victory over the British at Troyes, where she captured the city. She was held in a tower in Beaurevoir for months, and on November 21 of that year was sold to the British by John of Luxemburg. She was then moved to Rouen.

Her accusers were convinced that her visions came not from God but from the devil and that she practiced witchcraft. The judge Bishop Pierre Cauchon of Beauvais , theologians with whom he had taught at the University of Paris, assessors and others tried many ways to trip her up, but she withstood four months of their constant questioning.

On May 30, , Joan was led from prison to the Old Marketplace in Rouen and burned at the stake there. She asked to hold a cross and died crying out the name of Jesus. Her ashes were collected and scattered in the Seine River, so that no relics could later be claimed. Women identify with her, men admire her courage.

She challenges us in fundamental ways. Despite the fact that more than years have passed since she lived, her issues of mysticism, calling, identity, trust and betrayal, conflict and focus are our issues still. Joan began with peculiar, intimate communication from and with God, and was moved to work for justice on earth, as theologian George H.

But that evades the question by assuming as the answer an unprovable claim; it is a form of begging the question. An equally valid i. Not me.

Saint Joan of Arc’s Message for Today

This line of pseudo-argumentation is related to another line of theological thought that has always puzzled me. Christians ascribe to God a variety of characteristics also found in humans, such as justice and love, but hold they are perfected in God. As to love, we are often told that God loves us as His children, in the exact same way we love our children, only more so.

But, at the same time, wholly orthodox Christianity does not offer a compatible answer as to why, if God loves us as His children, He would allow some of us to suffer eternally. No parent would ever do such a thing, regardless of whether it was abstractly just. But that, I think, necessarily conflicts with the original premise, which treats God as in part understandable as the perfection of certain virtues that we can understand.

Nonetheless, I tend to believe, with Gregory of Nyssa and, more recently, Hans Urs von Balthasar, in the possibility if not certainty of the apocatastasis—the universal reconciliation of all created creatures to God. But enough about my personal proto-heresies. This is a brief summary of the life of "Joan of Arc.

There are no doubt less hagiographical, more informative works, but this isn't a bad place to start if you want to learn about who she was and why she's such a big deal. Jun 30, Ali M rated it did not like it. We listened to the audio book version of this with our year-old and year-old in an effort to impart valuable lessons about history, character and virtue.

This book failed on all of these things. It failed to give adequate historical background to show why Joan acted the way she did and why it mattered. It failed completely to convince me that Joan was worthy of being a saint. This one was a complete bust. Sep 20, Michael rated it really liked it. This is a pretty short, but concise, biography of Joan of Arc that presents her life in a synopsis that takes about an hour to read — the early years, visions from God, the battles, and her death.

I learned a lot more about Joan of Arc than I previously knew, and enjoyed the book.

I picked this up during a Kindle promotion f This is a pretty short, but concise, biography of Joan of Arc that presents her life in a synopsis that takes about an hour to read — the early years, visions from God, the battles, and her death. I picked this up during a Kindle promotion for 99 cents vs.

Jul 26, William rated it it was ok Shelves: biography. This book was not what I was looking for: I was hoping for more of a history and possibly some prayers she was recorded to have prayed. Rather, this was a Catholic devotional and a handful of prayers to Joan of Arc at the back. Apr 24, susan rated it really liked it.

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Short but very informative This was a very good account of Joan's life and subsequent death. It is not a long book, but was presented in an interesting manner. Very fast read. My favorite part of the whole some odd pages, was this quote.

Peace Prayers

During the trial of Joan of Arc, it was asked of her if she was in a state of grace? We should all be so brave in the face of adversity Jan 18, Susan Matthews rated it it was amazing. I have always enjoyed reading about the Saints. It gives one inspirations to do better.

May 30, Dennis Knappenberger rated it it was amazing. Great For the first time I have read the story Joan de Arc, to think that there were people back then as ignorant as people in today's time. I was disappointed in this book, I'd expected more. Very very short, but interesting. Jan 14, Amira rated it it was amazing. Love it Concise and good enough for a reader who needs to get basic information about saint Joan of ARC.

May she rests in eternal peace and bliss. Young girl with strong faith. Saint Joan of Arc, patron and guardian of the country, by the incessant prayer [of] our country [may we] become truly French and Christian and discover its unity. Pray for us, Saint Joan of Arc, that we may all be worthy of our mission. We beg You by Jesus and Mary to make us share in her clear good sense, her hardy courage, her freshness of soul, her joyous gift of self, her willingness to serve You and her lively love of Your Son and His mother.

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Composed by Louis, Bishop of Saint Di. God, Who has given to Joan of Domremy to be valiant in the humble work of the house and the fields and generously faithful to all Your calls.