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Add to Wishlist. You can switch between rhymes by simply swiping across the screen. Just hit play on any rhyme and children can enjoy them instantly. Cool Features: 1. Very easy to use user interface. App also provides lyrics along with the nursery rhymes. Just download the app once, no downloads further, no streaming.

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Swipe from right to left or left to right on the screen with your finger and move to the next or previous rhyme. A wonderful Nursery Rhymes app for your kid to sing-along with music and animations. This app contains the below mentioned nursery rhymes: 1. Wheels On The Bus 2. Ba Ba Black Sheep 4.

One Two Buckle My Shoe 5. Five Little Monkeys 6. Head Shoulder 8.

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Hickory Dickory Dock 9. Hey Diddle Diddle Humpty Dumpty Incy Wincy Spider Jack And Jill Every detail matters, so we pay careful attention to it all.

Parents and teachers across the globe have rated them 5 stars… so why not check them out and let the sing-along fun begin. Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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App Store Preview. This app bundle is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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Wheels on the Bus! Screenshots iPhone iPad. Size FluentU is a great option. FluentU provides authentic English videos , including animated nursery rhymes as well as other cartoons, movie trailers, music videos, news clips and more. Each video has been transformed into a language learning experience with clickable captions giving definitions and native pronunciations for any word. You can then track student progress with built-in tools on the FluentU platform.

For older students, after you read the rhyme and teach or review any new words, analyze the nursery rhyme. You can do this as a whole class, in an open discussion format or divide students into small groups. Ask questions about each line or what the nursery rhyme really means or implies. If you choose to do small discussion groups, make sure you prepare a list of questions before class to distribute to each group. Towards the end of the lesson, groups can share their thoughts with the class.

For additional analysis and for more advanced students, you can encourage a discussion about why cultures have nursery rhymes. Ask students to think about nursery rhymes in their own language and culture and what purpose they serve. Are there any similar nursery rhymes in their own language? This activity is useful for younger children.

Once you read the nursery rhyme as a class and go over new words, ask the students to illustrate the nursery rhyme. This is a fun way to gauge their understanding of the rhyme while letting your creative students spread their wings. Display the illustrations on the walls to bring a sense of pride and personality to your classroom! Acting out a nursery rhyme is best used in addition to reciting the nursery rhyme. Some nursery rhymes have well-known movements attached to their lyrics.

You can use the established gestures or create your own for just about any nursery rhyme. Introduce a nursery rhyme to your class. Read it, teach any new vocabulary and examine the rhyme scheme. When the class is familiar with the nursery rhyme, ask them to edit it, change it and exchange words. In other words, let them create their own version of the nursery rhyme. You can also assign them, in small groups or individually, to create their own, unique nursery rhyme based on the one you read.

Popular Nursery Rhymes for Kids

For older classrooms, when asking students to create their own nursery rhyme, make sure they think about the purpose of the nursery rhyme. What story are they trying to tell?


What message are they trying to convey? Here are some nursery rhymes that are especially beneficial for ESL students. For example, who created the nursery rhyme? How old is it? Most of the following nursery rhymes have interesting origin stories that you can learn more about with a simple internet search. This nursery rhyme is a great way to practice numbers and counting.

As the teacher, feel free to change some of the phrases to include more appropriate verb phrases based on your teaching goals.

What a fun way to practice the names of animals! Students can get creative with this nursery rhyme.