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Many of these teachings are also prevalent in Buddhism and the New Age Movement.

The Subtle Body - Should Christians Practice Yoga? - The Christian Post

Because these beliefs are not compatible with Christian teaching, embracing the full practice of yoga would be contrary to Christianity. Most people in yoga fitness classes do not understand the roots and purpose of yoga and therefore do not understand all they are participating in. While we deeply respect other religious practices and beliefs, it is important for Christians to truly understand their faith and to engage in activities that are wholly consistent with Christian teaching.

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At Pietra Fitness, our position on yoga is built on that of the Catholic Church. Our goal is to recognize the good and true, wherever it is found and bring it to fullness in Christ. The Church clearly states that there are very real spiritual concerns associated with the practice of yoga and advises strong caution regarding the practice. We should not take this lightly. We must get informed and make intentional decisions based on solid spiritual and intellectual formation. The Church asks Christians to know and apply their faith. Two documents from the Vatican are great resources for the faithful on this subject:.

The human body is made and designed by God, and our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.

In dutifully and humbly caring for our temple, we glorify God. Since all that is good and true comes from God, we can freely utilize movements that keep us well. Movements that stretch, strengthen, calm, and relax are good for us! Because yoga is thousands of years old, it can lay claim and does to almost every possible movement or position of the human body — including movements as innate as yawning, blinking, and breathing. Despite the wide range of exercises catalogued in yoga, yoga does not have a patent on any of them.

You should not feel guilty for doing ordinary and natural human movement just because it has an official name in yoga. So while you may see familiar movements in a Pietra Fitness class, it is important to note that the differences between Pietra Fitness and Yoga go much deeper than stretches. At Pietra Fitness we do not seek to attain spiritual enlightenment and immersion with the divine, nor do we utilize elements of yoga that conflict with Christian teaching. While we, as Christians, desire union with God through our relationship with Him, we recognize that no technique can ever lead to full immersion with Him.

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Union with God is a gift of His grace alone, and we are distinct from God. Pietra Fitness, then, is not a technique to attain perfection. Rather, Pietra Fitness is a way to stay physically fit while answering the call of St. Paul to pray unceasingly. We simply offer our exercise in prayer to God. In Pietra Fitness, each exercise class begins and ends with prayer. While the physical workout strengthens and stretches our bodies, our hearts and minds are free to follow the advice of St.

Paul and focus on things true, honorable, gracious, and excellent Phil. We do this with scripture and a meditation read during stretches of longer duration. Because gentle soothing movements and extended periods of stretching naturally foster relaxation and serenity, this type of exercise offers a great opportunity to turn our hearts and minds towards Christ. Paul exhorts us to do in Ephesians … and it feels fantastic. If you have ever attended a yoga class, you have undoubtedly been exposed to one or more of the practices below.

All yoga teachers are educated in these techniques and certainly their classes will be influenced in this manner. There are also other powers that can be achieved.


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If you have ever attended a yoga class, you have undoubtedly been exposed to one or more of these practices. The Catholic Church, whose job is to care for souls, cautions us regarding the practice of yoga and the influence of the new age movement. Do your research and get informed when in search of a good exercise program for body, mind, and soul.

Toggle navigation. In this class, the well intended teacher, set us up for a wonderful hip opening session. She encouraged us to find our breath, even counting the inhalation and exhalation, and then she told us to settle in and find stillness. Notice I said told, not asked.

This was a command. Be still. Hey, it's our one year Anniversary! Thanks be to Jesus Christ for the vision and plan to launch an all-inclusive international community of students, yogis and therapists who love Jesus and yoga. Our community continues to grow daily with members, resources and provision.

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To celebrate, we have a special gift just for you as a token of our gratitude for linking arms for another year. Because April is CYA's one year anniversary, if you register or renew membership before April 30th, you receive a free month with The Abbey. It's an online community of people who believe in the power of [ The practice of pausing on each knot or bead during prayer helps us to center our hearts on God and to guard our minds against distraction. Using beads during prayer in the Christian faith is believed to originate with the Desert Mothers and Fathers around [ Christian resources are plentiful.

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You can find everything from cards to dice to digital apps. Thankfully there are wonderful Christ-centered options that can safely center your practice and classes. When I received the second email asking if I would consider submitting my yoga deck for [ Photo by Pixabay on Pexels. I was especially happy that I completed the entire 75 minute class without croaking. Enter my ego. My satisfaction with my practice [ As a follower of Christ, I have spent much time in study and prayer over my yoga practice. I have sought the counsel of my pastor, my elders, my accountability group, and my husband.

I have not glazed over the controversy that surrounds Christians practicing yoga. I have put my love of yoga on the altar of God for him to take from me if it did not bring him Glory.